ATV / Four Wheeling

ATV Routes in the City of Amery

The City of Amery has opened up most public roads for ATV/UTV use.  Riders can now use any public road in Amery to ride their ATV or UTV with the exception of Keller Ave/STH 46, Deronda St/CTH F from Harriman Ave to Keller Ave, and Broadway St/CTH F from Venture Dr to Minneapolis Ave.  Signs will be posted around Amery to let riders know.  This does not open private roads up for use and use on those roads will be at the property owners discretion.

Cattail State Trail

Just an hour’s drive from the Twin Cities, the Cattail State Trail is one of the most popular ATV destinations in northwestern Wisconsin. Developed on a former railroad grade, the 18-mile Cattail State Trail meanders through some of Wisconsin’s most picturesque forests and farmlands. The trail passes through Turtle Lake as it connects Amery in Polk County with Almena in Barron County.

The Cattail is a prime example of a multi-use trail that’s enjoyed by many outdoor recreational enthusiasts. Open year round for ATVing, other trail uses include hiking, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, horseback riding and snowmobiling. Off-road motorcycles are allowed on the trail year-round in Polk County only. As a multi-use trail, the Cattail may bring a number of different users to the trail at the same time. Consequently, it’s important to use good trail etiquette to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all trail users.
ATVs on Trail

Trail Access

ATV riders can access the trail in Amery, Turtle Lake or Almena. The ride is relatively short and can be easily completed in a single day. Lodging is available along the way. Whether it’s a 1-day trip or a full weekend, the easy round trip ride allows plenty of time to take in as much as possible.

In Amery, the trail head is situated near Highway 46 and the ever-popular Apple River. Heading east, you ride through some remnant forest before encountering farmland and prairie. Just east of Amery, the trail follows Beaver Brook northwest toward the hamlet of Joel, about 6 miles from Amery. East of Joel, the trail dives into a thick wooded section and cruises past rich wetlands with an abundance of wildlife.

Trails & Maps in the Amery Area

  • Cattail Trail Map (PDF) - Running 18 miles from the trail head, with parking next to the Apple River in Amery to Almena in Barron County, this trail is popular for hiking, cycling, horseback, ATV and motorcycle riding in Spring, Summer and Fall, and snowmobiling and ATVing in Winter
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