AEDC Board & Officers

Paul Shafer, Executive Director

Paul has been Executive Director of the AEDC since March of 2011. Paul is a retired Plant Manager of a local food production plant employing 150 people and doing 100+ million pounds of product annually. Paul has lived in Amery since 1984. More About Paul

Paul Schafer

Tom Bensen, AEDC President

Tom Bensen has been a member of the AEDC board since 2009 and was elected President in December 2017. Tom is currently the principal at Amery Middle School and has worked in this position since 1999.
Phone: 715-268-9771 Ext 303, Email Tom Bensen

Tom Benson

Tim Strohbusch, AEDC Vice President

Matt Johnson, AEDC Secretary
Matt Johnson has served on the AEDC Board of Directors since its inception in 2008. He served as vice president from 2008-2011 and was elected secretary in 2011. Matt is a pharmacist and has owned Chet Johnson Drug in downtown Amery since April, 2000. Matt was born in Amery and has lived here his entire life.
Phone: 715-268-8121, Email Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson

Scott Jensen, AEDC Treasurer

Scott Jensen has served on the AEDC Board of Directors since its inception in 2008. Scott is the Vice President and Manager of Northwest Communications where he has worked since 1999. Scott was born in Amery and has lived here all his life.
Phone: 715-268-6066, Email Scott Jensen

Kelly Boucher, Director

Ed Flanum, Director 

Ed Flanum was elected to the AEDC Board of Directors in 2017. Ed is a Land Surveyor and the owner of Northland Surveying, Inc., which he started in August of 2000. Ed was born in Amery and has lived here the majority of his life.
Phone: 715-268-2154, Email Ed Flanum

Jim Richison, Director 

Debra Rudquist, Director

Mark Tryggestad, Director

Mark was elected to the AEDC Board in 2014. Mark is the Director of Pharmacy and Lean Flow facilitator for Amery Regional Medical Center, and he has been a resident of the Amery community since 1980.
Mark Tryggestad

Ed White, Director

Ed White was first elected to the board during its inception in 2008 and then after taking some time off was reelected in 2013. Ed is the owner of Williamson-White Funeral Home and Cremation Services.
Ed White

Jason Whitley, Director

Jason Whitley lives in Amery, Wisconsin with his wife, Chelsea, and four children. He is an alum of the Amery Public Schools - class of ‘89. He began his legal practice in 1996 and has been practicing in Western Wisconsin since that time. Jason is a partner in the Law Firm of Novitzke, Gust, Sempf, Whitley and Bergmanis.
Jason Whitley