AEDC Goals

The Purpose of the Amery Economic Development Corporation is economic development in the Amery Community as well as retention and growth of existing businesses.   We focus on business retention, expansion, recruitment, new business start-ups, marketing and advocacy.

AEDC Goals for July 1. 2023 to June 30, 2024 Membership Year 

  1. Work to provide assistance to Amery community businesses in a variety of ways during the coming year:
  1. Update/promote ‘Work Amery’ initiative.
  2. Explore opportunities to bring affordable childcare options to the Amery community.
  3. Continue to hold the Manufacturing Leadership Roundtable meetings
  4. Maintain the AEDC website with up-to-date information, including available commercial properties.
  5. Communicate available grants and financing tools that Regional Planning has to help businesses thrive.
  1. Work to bring additional housing options to the Amery community.
  2. Work to bring additional hotel rooms to the Amery community.
  3. Work with the city and appropriate entities on marketing the available commercial spaces within the Amery Community.
  1. All available industrial park spaces focusing on the new south business park.
  2. Main street vacant buildings.
  3. Unused and/or underutilized commercial spaces with the Amery Community.