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What is "Design Amery"?

"Design Amery" is an exciting opportunity to engage the community in conversation, dreaming, and planning—for the good of our community—through the University of Wisconsin-Extension’s “Design Wisconsin” program

This event was postponed from its original April 2020 date and is now planned for October 22nd and 23rd.   Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

Amery area residents, businesses, and nonprofits are invited to join forces and roll up their sleeves for a unique community planning and design project. Over the course of two days, a team made up of planning and design professionals throughout Wisconsin will volunteer to assist us in visualizing our community’s future. These professionals will stay with host families and facilitate a series of public engagement activities.

The outcome of the visit will be 20-30 large, hand-drawn illustrations which incorporate all of our best thinking, planning, and dreaming about our community’s future.


These illustrations will serve as a starting point for future community planning and development initiatives. In other communities around the state, this process has inspired economic, social, beautification, and recreational projects that enhance communities and spark economic growth.

How have other Communities Benefited from "Design Wisconsin"?

Reedsburg Summary Report (pdf)

Princeton Summary Report (pdf)

Ellsworth Summary Report (pdf)

Additionally, below are videos documenting how communities have uniquely benefited from their "Design Wisconsin" experience:

What has been the Impact After the Visit for other Communities?

Grantsburg update six months after their "Design Wisconsin" visit:

During the Weekend "Visit"

We NEED you!  We WANT your input!

6:00pm Friday  Join hundreds of others at a FREE community meal and brainstorming community workshop (Amery High School)

7:00 Saturday  Gather together to vote for your favorite community-wide initiatives  (Amery Lien Elementary School)

  • Be a Part of Defining who we are and Intentionally Create a Legacy for Amery
  • Brainstorm Opportunities
  • Work with Visiting Professional Designers
  • Voice your Ideas
  • Help Visualize the Future

How can I help make this event happen?

  • Learn more by joining us on Facebook to engage in discussion and updates
  • Plan on attending the Friday and Saturday night events
  • Invite others to join the Friday and Saturday night events
  • Small-Large Donations (10K in funds needed)

How can I contact "Design Amery"?

The local "Design Amery" Team is the group of Amery Area individuals who are helping coordinate this visit from UW Extension's "Design Wisconsin" program. 

Email Design Amery

Please "Like" us on Facebook for updates and to message us through Facebook. 

If you prefer to send letters we can be reached through: Design Amery c/o Amy Stormberg, 225 Scholl Court, Amery, WI 54001

If you would like to be part of this coordinating team - please contact us!

Local Coordinating Committee ("Design Amery" Team)

Heather Eggert, Lake Wapogasset Bible Camp

Kathy Pennington, Amery Area Ministerium

Eric Elkin, Amery City Council

Amy Stormberg, Amery Area Public Library

Nell Anderson, Amery Woman’s Club

David Bowman, Lions Club

Mike Schut, Farm Table Foundation

Gloria Lansin, Amery Woman’s Club

Tracy Hendrickson, School District of Amery

Debbie Elmer, Business Owner

Voices in Action