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1. What does revaluation really mean?
2. Why is this revaluation necessary?
3. Will this revaluation automatically increase my taxes?
4. Do all assessments change at the same rate?
5. If the new assessments are made at full value, won’t this raise taxes?
6. What process is being used to arrive at a fair assessment?
7. What information does the assessor use to determine assessments?
8. Will my home or apartment be inspected?
9. How will I know if an appraiser was at my house?
10. Will the person that comes to my door be able to tell me what my assessment will be?
11. Can I refuse to let the appraiser enter my home?
12. Will I have the right to appeal this assessment if I refuse entry in my home or on my property?
13. How soon after the field inspection will I know what my new assessment will be?
14. Will I have a chance to discuss this new assessment with someone if I feel that it is too high?
15. At the Open Book, will I be able to discuss my property with someone in private?
16. Will I be able to compare my property with similar types?
17. What if, after Open Book, I am still dissatisfied with my assessment?
18. What if I am still not satisfied?
19. When will we be billed on the basis of the new assessment?
20. What will happen if I decide to build a new home while the reassessment is in process?